Flamboyant, at the pulse of time & rich with fashion finesse – the diverse facetted DANTE Print Scarf Assortment.

Design is passion

No generic items, only luxurious original cashmere - we at DANTE put great emphasis on our own individually developed designs, which evolved over the years into real trademarks. In a careful and gentle silk-screen printing our numerous print motives are exclusively applied onto our 100% Cashmere-modal or 100% Lambswool scarves. This allows us to combine print motives of all kind with a unique fabric quality.



The expressionist

Immerse yourself into a world of top of the line colour variations, classic or extravagant designs and diverse print motives! Deep and strong shades of blue blend with exuberantly inspiring phantasy motives, from the flamboyant trendsetter, the expressionist eye catcher to the elegant classic – you will find your personal favorite print at DANTE.